ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is a management system which was developed forenvironment problems becoming foreground or for companies being collocutor with environment regulations. Standard includes requirements which are to prevent environment pollution, to perform legal responsibilities for these, to show these to related organizations. Question requirements, in economic and technological facilities of organization are discussed.

Benefits of ISO 14001:2009  Practices EMS is known in the all world as ISO 14001 standard and ISO QMS after it is recognized the fastest in international operations. Aim of ISO 14001 EMS developing in operations; Inc:


Aim of ISO 14001 EMS developing in operations;


  1. Increasing of adjusting to national an/or international regulations
  2. Increasing of environment performance
  3. Market strategies
  4. Providing advantages in international competition
  5. Increasing of operation prestige and market allocation
  6. Decreasing of expenses increasing of productivity with developing of cost control
  7. Getting ready against urgently situations (earth quack, fire, flood etc ) and accident, decreasing of accident etc which result with responsibilities .
  8. Controlling and decreasing of pollution starting from resources
  9. Providing of input materials and energy saving
  10. Taking easy of license and power certificates
  11. Providing of acceptance in global market because ISO 14001 is known by all world and used common language
  12. Determining of environment risks and effect of company actions to environment can be controlled and by this means elements which effect badly to environment, are decreased.
  13. Decreasing of cost originating from environment effect.
  14. Adjusting legal regulations related environment.
  15. Decreasing or removing all of environment effect which can be occurred in urgently situations.
  16. Documented environment management system and ISO 14001 certificate shows that against legal foundations, regulations and rules are adjusted.
  17. Organization gets prestiges providing recognizing in both national and international area.
  18. Environment consciousness increase in employees by given training to company staffs.
  19. To work in company which is not farm full to environment, then employees are motivated.
  20. Consumer expectations related environment are answered and then we can reach and get conscious consumers.
  21. Resources are used efficiency (providing energy, water etc savings).
  22. Left wastes to environment are decreased


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